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The programme of this year's ETEF is out...

We have released the complete programme for both days. See the LINE-UP section!


ETEF 2022 tickets pre-sale ended!

Tickets for the entire festival for € 48 are available on site as well as tickets for individual days.
Friday for € 28 and saturady for € 32.


ETEF 2022 official merchandise!

Festival T-shirts with unique ETEF design won't be missing this year either, in addition we are adding long sleeve T-shirts and hoodies to the offer. More here.


More than a worthy substitute...ARKONA!

Martwa Aura can't make it to ETEF this year, but we've got a great replacement for you!
ARKONA, Polish black metal icon and blasphemy legend in one.


Final pre-sale ticket edition!

The last pre-sale edition is available for € 40. More info in Tickets section.


Don't hesitate! Tickets for 900 CZK only until 22 May 2022!

From 23 May 2022, tickets will be on sale for € 40. Tickets for the entire festival as well as tickets
for individual days will be available on site. Prices will be announced later.

We have already announced all the bands and look forward to the full programme soon!

Your ETEF team


And the final band is the EREB ALTOR vikings!

The true heirs of Quorthon. It all begun 2003 when the founders Mats and Ragnar were influenced of their personal god Quorthon and with Bathory’s anthems and set out to find their creative and unique niche under the name EREB ALTOR.


Watch or chocolate? We prefer CHOTZÄ...

CHOTZÄ, in Bernese German "vomit", but also the name of a Swiss hydra that plays anti-social black 'n' roll
in the style of Darkthrone, Carpathian Forest, or Urgehal.


The north wind is cruel...DOEDSVANGR!

The black horse of this year's ETEF festival. International occult black metal pack DOEDSVANGR was founded in 2014 by Doedsadmiral, otherwise also the vocalist of Nordjevel a Svartelder...


MURDER INC. will definitely not be silent!

Maybe even after the river Berounka arrives a raw thrashing under the brand MURDER INC. The band from around Beroun plays their own music containing elements of heavy - thrash - death metal.


Would you like a ticket?

So we sold out the second edition... Thank you! More tickets are on sale now for € 35.
Order here.


The legendary HYPNOS reapers...what can we say?

When iniquity holds justice in scorn, and good will has no power to defeat the evil in man, the time to pass into the depths of depravity with immense force and no mercy has arrived.


Exotic blasphemy in the form of HERESY!

On the ETEF stage we will welcome guests from as far away as Latin America.
A band of HERESY from Costa Rica, playing fast kick-ass and raw thrash metal...


WAR FOR WAR - industrial hell in the mine...

Lord Morbivod's band WAR FOR WAR has been playing with breaks since 2001. Over the years, the raw lyrical images of war have replaced even more raw echoes of past and recent mining activity on our territory.


Who the hell is TAEDIFER?

A new band of famous faces, gentlemen from bands like Ingrowing, Gutalax, Locomotive,
Dark Angels, Bone Orchard, The Old Four or Bohemyst.


New Year's black shipment again from Poland - MARTWA AURA!

Happy Hell New Year…. We cannot start a new year except in a positive way.
Funeral black metal meditation by Polish band MARTWA AURA will hit ETEF 2022.


Polish killers RAGEHAMMER!

Inspired by the hellish gods from Venom, Sodom, Bathory and Impaled Nazarene. At ETEF, we bring out blackened thrash without compromises and mercy in the form of the squad Ragehammer from Kraków, Poland.


Into the depths of hatred...SELF-HATRED!

We have to do some doom metal. The creation of the Pilsen SELF-HATRED builds on the roots of the Czech doom metal scene of the 1990s...


First edition is gone!

The second edition, limited to 100 pcs for € 31, now on sale!
Order here.


Hell has opened and INFERNO is entering!

Today we have no choice. Born under the sign of hell in 1996, eight full-length albums, many performances currently already in the headliner format, especially abroad...


Ticket pre-sale has just started!

Exclusive limited edition of 50 pcs for a special price of € 27 currently on sale!
Don't hesitate and get your ticket on time! Order here.


SADISTic legend from southern Europe!

Italian sadism creeps into the gloom of the Sumava Forests. Death, surgical precision, hotheads
of legendary heroes...


Radioactive winter presented by NAURRAKAR!

Friends, post apocalyptic black metal by the Prague horde NAURRAKAR will surely satisfy you too.
Many bands soften musically over time, they tend to harden!



SUR AUSTRU, posthumous child of the Transylvanian legend!

They should have been on ETEF fest last year, but covid was against it. SUR AUSTRU is a new musical concept created from the ashes of Transylvanian black metal pioneers Negura Bunget.


Wild thrash ride with EXORCIZPHOBIA!

We present one of the most coveted Czech thrash band, Exorcizphobia. The band was formed in Trutnov, Czech Republic, in 2005.


GRÁ and their dark, 13x cursed ritual!

Ancient Scandinavian spirituality, misanthropy, death worship, these are the themes of the dark ritual of the obscure horde named Grá.


The next confirmed squad is MALLEPHYR!

We are introducing another great Czech band who have already performed at ETEF once. Black-death metal by MALLEPHYR from Pilsen.


Another gentlemen to shave are BOHEMYST!

ETEF without a home band? Nonsense. The band BOHEMYST, members of the hosting team,
will also appear on stage in 2022.


Death is finally coming...CENTINEX!

Last year they couldn't come because of the covid pandemic. We are proud to announce old-school death metal band CENTINEX! This one certainty of life, damned death is circling us again. Yeah, it's morbid. But this time, let's look forward to it.





after long debates of the whole team about the new year of ETEF, we threw ourselves into the final preparations and soon we will gradually start announcing the bands for 2022. You definitely have something to look forward to, we will definitely continue the established trend of bringing quality and unseen faces from both home as well as foreign scenes. Look forward to some very interesting headliners.


Your ETEF team


16:30 - 17:00

17:20 - 17:55

18:15 - 18:50

19:10 - 19:55

20:15 - 21:00

21:25 - 22:20

22:45 - 23:35

23:55 - 00:45























12:30 - 13:00

13:20 - 13:50

14:10 - 14:45

15:05 - 15:40

16:00 - 16:40

17:00 - 17:40

18:00 - 18:40

19:00 - 19:45

20:10 - 21:00

21:25 - 22:20

22:45 - 23:40

00:05 - 00:55

FRIDAY 22. 7. 2022

SATURDAY 23. 7. 2022



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