ENTER THE ETERNAL FIRE / OPEN HELL = a tradition of METAL UNDERGROUND for over 20 years...

ETEF is a living community, no blind shots. We have almost zero record of changes in festival lineup. What you see on the poster is what you see and hear onstage in the summer. We don't hunt "extra-league" headliners. These belong to Brutals, Wackens and similar "Hellfests." However, an exciting lineup of bands that can perform qualitatively in even the toughest competition is already guaranteed…



The festival takes place in the swimming pool area in Volyně and on hot summer days you can enjoy the performances of the bands directly from the pool! Refreshments at reasonable prices, a large selection of meals and quality sound will make your stay at the festival more pleasant. Camping in the camp directly behind the pool is FREE.



You can park directly at the premises, but the capacity is limited. It is not possible to park on the driveway, park only in places reserved for this purpose.



Camping in the camp behind the pool is FREE.


Long-sleeved T-shirts (€ 22) and hoodies (€ 39) can be pre-ordered now at our e-mail address info@etef.cz.
Pick up at our festival stand by the stage.  Don't forget to specify your desired size and your contact address.

Longsleeves and hoodies can only be pre-ordered in advance, production will be based on pre-orders. It will be
a very limited edition!

We are accepting pre-orders until July 10, so don't hesitate to order early.

Thank you and we hope you will like this year's motifs!



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