Last year they couldn't come because of the covid pandemic.

We are proud to announce old-school death metal band CENTINEX!!

This one certainty of life, damned death is circling us again. Yeah, it's morbid. But this time, let's look forward to it.

Origin Sweden, creation 1990, ten albums, headliners of many festivals. Introducing another ETEF 2022 star rat, one of the pioneers of the orthodox Swedish death metal, CENTINEX.

We can boldly place them next to such names as their compatriots Grave, Entombed or Dismember.

This grouping around Martin Schulman, otherwise also the co-founder of Demonical, has been crushing stinky strings with the stench of corpses since the early "nineties”. Yet they are not so frequent guests on our stages.

We cannot desire a “more beautiful” death. Let's have a bloody dance with death called CENTINEX.




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+420 774 060 178


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