Another milestone in the history of ETEF!

With their sophomore full-length, "Har" (2021), Romania's DORDEDUH have created a rare and unique metal record, pushes boundaries, and offers something new and previously unheard. Without exaggeration maybe one of the finest and most individual metal albums ever!

Based on previous experience, guitarists and founders Edmond "Hupogrammos" Karban and Sol Faur aka Cristian Popescu were expected to deliver an album oscillating in the musical space between dark folk and black metal.

And, while they did indeed draw from those sources, they also fearlessly incorporated electronic, gothic, rock, psychedelic, prog, and even pop elements without prejudice. It is not the first time that Hupogrammos and Sol Faur have been involved in creating an iconic album. Both had leading roles in composing of NEGURĂ BUNGET's masterpiece "Om", which essentially put Romania onto the map of heavy music. The duo founded DORDEDUH in 2009 and soon delighted critics and fans alike with the EP "Valea omului" (2010) and debut full-length album "Dar de duh" (2012).

DORDEDUH at ETEF 2024 is a great honor!



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