SARMAT didn't even reach the border...

So here we have the second change. We certainly believe that it is also the last change.
For some unknown reason SARMAT will not be coming. But again we have an equally interesting replacement from the East of Bohemia - OKULT.


When the Entrails went out, only Purgatory will help...

Swedish butchers Entrails have been forced to cancel their appearance at ETEF 2023 due to health reasons.
But even despite the tight deadline, we were able to procure a more than worthy replacement.
The German legend of death metal - Purgatory!


Pre-sale has ended!

You can find the on-site prices here.


Complete line-up revealed! Pre-sale ends in a month!

You can find the complete program for this year's ETEF in the line-up section below.
We also announce the end date of the pre-sale - July 10, 2023. So don't hesitate, the time is slowly approaching. We will publish prices on the place soon.


The last missing piece is the butchers ENTRAILS!

Early 90s Stockholm brought to evil light around the time with bands like Dismember, Entombed,
Grave and many more that cemented the brilliant Swedish death metal sound.
And among them we can rank the oldschool death metal thrasher ENTRAILS.


DESTROY! ...youth forward!

ETEF wants and will always support young bands and young metal players. And when boys are obligated
by school, even the elementary school... "children's" thrash metal we haven't had here yet!


Black guardians of the woods TROLLECH!

TROLLECH, the Pilsner black metal band around Lord Morbivoda and Asura G. Godwar Ray,
there is no need to introduce to the insiders.


HEIDEN has so much to tell us...

They started up in 2003 as Pagan black metal. Completely different than most of the bands,
HEIDEN solitary wanders accross the genres and inspirations.


The Devil is coming with CHAOS INVOCATION!

The satanic ensemble CHAOS INVOCATION is coming to desecrate everyone present
at the Volyne swimming pool.


Argentinian hell spat out AVERNAL!

Also this year we will welcome representatives of extreme metal from South America to ETEF.
AVERNAL are one of the first extreme metal bands from the Argentine region of Buenos Aires.


Bohemian dark metal and BOHEMYST...

Dead boards, bones, darkness, necromantica, blackness and death - black, death, doom metal flavored
with samples and a brilliant original singing in the Czech language. This is how the band BOHEMYST
could be briefly characterized.


CRYPTOSIS - futuristic vision of thrash metal!

As the march of time until the start of this year's ETEF gathers speed and threatens
to crush us all under its heels, it’s time to make way for progressive thrash metal eruption
named CRYPTOSIS from the Netherlands.


Purifying fire SUKKHU!

A multiverse art forms centered around the female frontwoman of the black metal band SUKKHU
at this year's ETEF.


INCANTATION - death metal legend in Volyně!

INCANTATION, megalith and legend of the death metal underground, member of the New York
pioneers of the genre, heads into a new chapter... ETEF will be shaken to its bases.


PANYCHIDA shouldn't absent at ETEF 2023!

Who doesn't know them? Still, a few words. PANYCHIDA was founded in Pilsen in 2004. After five studio albums, playing across the country, Europe and beyond, the band gradually developed from its pagan roots into a distinctive blend of black metal with classic heavy influences.


The second limited edition of tickets is also sold out!

We are releasing the final edition. Book your ticket in advance for a good price of € 54 here!



The old traditional vein of black metal. Satanism, Occultism, Darkness, Death and Evil in majestically
real and materialized form… With boundless enthusiasm and undisguised pride we present one of the headliners of the upcoming ETEF 2023 edition, DARKENED NOCTURN SLAUGHTERCULT.


Brutal war machinery SARMAT!

At ETEF, let's welcome the band SARMAT, which was formed in 2018. The band name concept is based on the weapon of ultimate destruction, the Russian super-heavy intercontinental ballistic missile RS-28 SARMAT.


LAHAR thrash classics!

Heads are going to be cut off at ETEF 2023! Yes, "Stínání hlav (Decapitation)“ is the current new album
of the Czech thrash metal fixture LAHAR!


Swedish epic doom metal?...ISOLE!

After this year's highly successful ETEF edition, we promised to bring back one of the most audience-valued bands. We fulfill the promise partially but fully. ISOLE, that's three-quarters EREB ALTOR!



The iconic INGROWING bastards are back! In the staunchest lineup of Vlakin - Pouzar - Zbyňa,
this South Bohemian death grindcore legend is returning to the stages!


A little bit progressive metal from MOROST...

The ETEF stage also includes a bit of progressive death metal. That's the band MOROST, formed by already renowned metal musicians,.


Unreal! The first edition is sold out, we are launching the second...

The first limited edition was gone in a flash, followed by another 100 tickets for € 48.
Speed wins, order


ETEF 2023 tickets pre-sale just started!

The first limited edition of 100 tickets is available for € 40.
So be quick and get your ticket early, before the edition is sold out,

The first headliner is a black metal cult CRAFT!

Black is the last genre of the unholy trinity of thrash – death – black, which we announce
in the first line-up edition. We proudly present the first headliner of ETEF 2023, a black metal monster
and legend at the same time, the band CRAFT, a member of the renowned Hammerheart Records label.


TORTHARRY and their awesome butchery!

After thrash metal, we introduce another Czech top, this time the death metal stalwart TORTHARRY
to the line-up.


FA(Ü)ST as a rocket!

We are a Czech extreme metal festival. The honour of opening the ETEF 2023 line-up is also given
to the Czech thrash rocket called FAÜST.



ETEF is not only about black. Also death, of course thrash and other old school metal have a firm place in the line-up. And we will stick to that next year as well.

Soon we will go out with the first three bands from this unholy genres, including one headliner.
With this, we will start the ETEF 2023 pre-sale with an introductory price in a limited edition.
Look forward to it, we look forward to it.


Your ETEF team



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22:40 - 23:35

00:05 - 00:55

FRIDAY 21. 7. 2023

SATURDAY 22. 7. 2023


Enter the Eternal Fire fest

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