We present one of the most coveted Czech thrash band, Exorcizphobia.

The band was formed in Trutnov, Czech Republic, in 2005. Crazy and memorable story happened at Obscene Extreme Festival in 2010. Spike Cassidy, the guitarist of headliners of the event D.R.I., wasn’t able to perform due to serious health issues. Leader of Exorcizphobia Tomas Skorepa was picked as a replacement and played the full show with them. That helped Exorcizphobia to get great popularity not only on the Czech metal scene, so they started to appear on the prestigious actions.

They have 3 full-length albums and other official records in total. In particular, the latest album Digitotality (2020), which was released by Support Underground in Europe and by Spiritual Beast in Japan, and new EP Friend of Lunacy (2021) are being well appreciated worldwide.

Exorcizphobia squad can't wait to rockin' presenting their high energetic thrash to the ETEF audience.


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