Austria is commonly associated with its beautiful lakes and mountains, but it is also known for great artists such as Mozart and metal legends PUNGENT STENCH, BELPHEGOR, etc.  Among the newer ones is HEIDNIR,
who play very diverse and unprimitive black metal.

After the release of the first album "Von nächtlichen Erinnerungen" in 2018, Andreas Krempler, the man behind HEIDNIR, released the second album "Jenseits des Kosmos" in 2022. What lies behind the cosmos and the realm of HEIDNIR? Both really fast and aggressive songs, as well as groovy melodic parts in black metal
and death metal. The lyrics are written in rhyme and deal with themes like darkness, nature and impermanence. The highlight is definitely the song "Zu den Sternen", even as a "cool" music video.

A band that is closer to Volyně than a lot of domestic bands, it will surely get the whole ETEF crowd into a frenzy!


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