The iconic INGROWING bastards are back! In the staunchest lineup of Vlakin - Pouzar - Zbyňa,
this South Bohemian death grindcore legend is returning to the stages!

Since their inception (1996), they have had a big pile of LPs, EPs and splits. In their existence so far,
INGROWING have played around 900 concerts in more than 20 states of three continents alongside
legends such as Napalm Death, Exhumed, Isacaarum. They have participated in the most prestigious
festivals such as Maryland Death Fest (USA), Fuck The Commerce (D), Obscene Extreme (CZ),
Brutal Assault (CZ) and others…


INGROWING, as part of the summer festival season, exclusively at ETEF 2023
in the South Bohemian Region!


+420 603 507 925


+420 774 060 178

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