We are introducing another great Czech band who have already performed at ETEF once.
Black-death metal by MALLEPHYR from Pilsen. The band has already released two studio records since
their formation, the debut of Assailing the Holy by Polish Mad Lion Records and the current Womb of Worms
by Russian label Satanath Records and domestic Murderous Production. Both recordings were made
in Prague's KSV Studios under the supervision of Karel "Sheafraidh" Švejnoha. There, work is now being completed on a third studio record, which should have been released by the time the festival takes place.

During the lifetime of MALLEPHYR they have played many of concerts and festivals including Brutal Assault, Phantoms of Pilsen and others. They also played with bands such as Dark Funeral, Krisiun, Nocturnal Depression, Forgotten Tomb, Oranssi Pazuzu, Rotting Christ, Acherontas nebo The Stone.


+420 603 507 925


+420 774 060 178

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