Inspired by the hellish gods from Venom, Sodom, Bathory and Impaled Nazarene.

At ETEF, we bring out blackened thrash without compromises and mercy in the form of the squad Ragehammer from Kraków, Poland. From their first demo War Hawks (2012), through the full-length debut album The Hammer Doctrine (2016), from the early gigs in local pubs and clubs to sharing stage with such metal heavyweights as Deströyer 666, Angelcorpse, Toxic Holocaust or Cannibal Corpse, the decade-long journey of Ragehammer seems clearer than ever before. After four years of studio inactivity the band returned in the same lineup a charged into certain death with the album Into Certain Death (2020).
It's going to be a mega hell party on the ETEF stage in the coming summer.


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