Czech thrash waters have been very strong and powerful lately. And they will also flow to ETEF.
Old school thrash metal force REFORE draws inspiration from both European as well as American school
of thrashing. The band has offered their fans an EP and debut album ‚Built to Nothing‘ and has been
busily touring underground clubs and share the stage with well-known bands
(D.R.I., Napalm Death, Pro-Pain) as well as open air venues (Obscene Extreme Festival 2023,
Masters of Rock 2023, Czech Death Fest 2019) since its inception. Hundreds and hundreds of fans
yearning for metal have had their thirst quenched by this Moravian four piece.

REFORE plays pure aggressive thrash metal in the slayeresque vein of catchiness, melody and
intensity. Fast and hard-hitting rhythmic section constitutes solid basis for REFORE to reinvent old
school into 21st century thrashing.


+420 603 507 925


+420 774 060 178

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