Italian sadism creeps into the gloom of the Sumava Forests. Death, surgical precision,
hotheads of legendary heroes.

Together with bands like Cynic, Atheist or Nocturnus co-founders and perhaps the best-known
leaders of Italy's progressive death metal (since 1990) are inviting into the cauldron of ETEF 2022.

SADIST will surely bewitch, enchant both the current album Spellbound and the old hit songs.
Perhaps from the breathtaking debut "Above the Light" (1993), the cruelly edgy album "Crust" (1997)
or the modern "Lego" (2000). Guys from Genoa, in our humble opinion, don't have a weak item
in the discography (they have 8 albums in total).

Book your place in the first line "at the railing" now :)




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