Lord Morbivod's band WAR FOR WAR has been playing with breaks since 2001.
Over the years, the raw lyrical images of war have replaced even more raw echoes of past
and recent mining activity on our territory.

Originally a pure black metal project, it went through the requested genre swings with the misuse of electronic music elements and industrial metal to once again dominate black metal after these experiences.

One of our best metal vocalists Lenka Machova has become a full member of the band in 2017.
We can look forward to her atmospheric singing, which works beautifully alongside
the black metal vocals of Lord Morbivod.

The band will release a new mini-album with newly recorded and revised tracks from previous albums in the near future. And is also planning a regular album, one of song will already be playing live at our ETEF fest.

WAR FOR WAR perform live very sporadically. We are proud that the chosen location of their black metal
with industrialist elements will be ETEF. The live set is traditionally completed by musicians Lord Sheafraidh, Lord Opat and Lord Egon.


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